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  • Diane Neave

‘Practising at home will help your child to succeed!’

It's show term & we are all practising really hard in our classes each week but there is only so much that we can do in a Performing arts class that a child attends once a week! Encouraging children to practice at home is a huge help and another way that we can boost their confidence & develop their memory!

Practise serves as the foundation for skill development, confidence building, and overall growth in their abilities. By dedicating time to practise, your child reinforces their movement memory, hones their craft, and becomes more proficient with their routines!

Regular practise instils discipline, perseverance, and a strong work ethic in your child, teaching them the value of hard work and dedication. Furthermore, it helps them overcome stage fright, boosts their self-esteem, and enables them to deliver a polished and memorable performance.

By actively encouraging and supporting their practise sessions, you provide a nurturing environment that fosters their passion, cultivates their talent, and empowers them to excel in their end of term show and beyond!

Rewarding and praising your little ones for their amazing practise efforts is like sprinkling magical stardust on their journey to greatness! When parents give high-fives and shout-out loud for their hard work, it boosts their confidence and fuels their unstoppable drive. By celebrating their practise triumphs, you're sending the message that their sweat and dedication truly matter.

Your child's dedication and hard work during their practise sessions at home WILL pay off. Practise, along with regular attendance at their class, will give them the best preparation to WOW & captivate the audience with their incredible performance. They will be bursting with pride as they will be able to perform to their best & so will YOU!

Let's unleash their inner rock stars and show them that practise, with a sprinkle of parental applause, is the secret sauce to becoming unstoppable!

Practise makes practically perfect! 👊

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