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Lots of children on stage London

25yrs of Know How!

Do you dream of running your own Performing Arts school but don’t have the experience, finances, or a clue where to begin?

Immediate Income

Perhaps you are still performing & would like a part time teaching career with an immediate income but without being tied to office duties every day?

Weekends Free

Are you fed up with teaching at the weekends & want to free up your time to spend with family, friends?

 Franchise - Join our team!

Run your own Performing Arts business

Street Dancing kid

With a Rascals Franchise, you have over 25years of knowledge & knowhow, a tried & tested business model worth over £10,000 with NO FRANCHISE FEE!!!!

You get a dedicated Head office that deals with ALL your day-to-day new enquiries & bookings so that you don’t have to! PLUS, a carefully designed & meticulously detailed online training platform teaching you everything you need to know AND ongoing support from an experienced, energetic, inspiring head office team!


A Rascals AFTER SCHOOL Performing Arts franchise could be just what you are looking for!

No Franchise Fee.....

Child singing on stage

What is Rascals ? 

Rascals is all about the energy! Radiating positive energy that is contagious and creates a fun, confidence boosting environment for children to learn in, is paramount to what we do!


We have been operating Performing Arts schools since 1997 creating exciting, action-packed, high energy, AFTER SCHOOL classes that combine Street dance, drama & Pop singing in a unique ONE TEACHER format for children aged 3-12yrs.


Rascals has the specific aim to deliver fun, energetic, high quality but affordable classes. Classes that will boost a child’s confidence, develop their character, inspiring creativity, encouraging self-belief and giving them skills for life!


There are no favourites at Rascals, we actively encourage individuality & embrace being different, teaching our students to be kind, caring & supportive towards one another. Every single child is unique & has something special to offer & every child is given the same opportunities to take part In shows & performances with their moment to shine!

Expressing confidence

Why choose a Rascals 

Do you want to be your own Boss, to make a difference to a child’s life & the community that they are within? Do you want to be part of an amazing, energetic family with a fantastic support team to help make your school a success?


A Rascals franchise comes with established systems and processes that cover all aspects of the business, including operations, marketing, and customer service, saving you valuable time and effort in developing your own.


A Rascals Franchise provides extensive training and ongoing support, equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed right from the start.


With over 25years of experience & our continued support, you will have access to knowledge & guidance that will help you navigate challenges as they arise & create a successful career as a Performing Arts school owner.


With our unique ONE TEACHER format, you only have to rely on yourself! No need to spend time and effort recruiting a team of teachers and then deal with the stress of being let down! It’s You, yourself & I!


AND most importantly, unlike every other Performing arts franchise, there is NO FRANCHISE FEE with a Rascals franchise! So no need to source finance or get into debt, you can start making profit straight away!

Franchise ?

Who are we looking for?

Do you have the energy to be part of our team? Could you be what we are looking for?

Young Dancers

Performing Arts background

Professional training in the performing arts is a must. We are looking for dancers who can inspire children with their energy & creative choreography, who have confident singing voices & are able to deliver drama activities.

Performing Arts background

Office Worker

Good Business Skills

Are you hard-working, committed, organised, motivated, professional, efficient, reliable, able to manage basic admin & IT?

Good Business


Infectious Personality

Are you fun, friendly, sociable, passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, inspiring, self-confident, creative?


Raising Hands

Great with People

Are you caring, kind, warm, approachable, friendly, empathetic, patient?

Great with

Check out the video to find out what Rascals is & how it is different from other franchises.

Get in Touch &

get the prospectus

There is so much to consider & I’m sure you will have lots of questions? If you think you fit the brief & are interested in becoming part of our growing network, we would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! Complete the form & download our prospectus!

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