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  • Diane Neave

The benefits of taking part in a show!

Taking part in a show can be one of the most exciting days in a child’s life! Showing off what they have learnt to their family & friends gives them such a sense of pride and can be quite an emotional & surprising experience for their parents too when they see what their little ones have achieved! All of our classes work towards performances! It is completely optional to take part in our performances but for those that do, it can be a real life changing experience!


Our youngest children begin their performing career in small end of term class performances, a perfect way to start building their confidence & learning how to cope with an audience watching them & cheering them on!


By the time they turn 5 and have moved up to the next age group, they have already experienced performing in front of an audience & are ready to take part in our bigger shows with bigger audiences & performances in theatres with costumes, lights & all of the excitement of being backstage!


Backstage is EXCITING, FUN, BUZZING with adrenaline fueled, nervous & sometimes emotional children! We are experts in managing those emotions, we keep them energised, excited and re-assured that everything is going to be AMAZING and they are going to have THE best time EVER, which they do!!!!!


The camaraderie that the children feel & the friendships that they gain whilst supporting each other, helping each other get ready, keeping each other entertained during down time & sharing with each other a super charged experience backstage is second to none. Witnessing their feelings of euphoria & pride when they hear the roar of the crowd & come running off of the stage fully exhilarated is quite special!


The confidence that children gain from plucking up the courage to take part in a show is ENORMOUS!!! From this moment onwards there is no stopping them!!


We work towards regular performances recognising the huge benefits to children’s confidence that performing gives! We have taken our students to perform at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Sadler’s Wells, Her Majesty’s’ theatre, Disneyland Paris, Alton Towers as well as producing our own shows in local theatres & performing at summer Fetes dance gala’s.


Start your child’s performing career & give their confidence a boost by joining one of our classes!

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