Diane & Dan Neave

Diane & Dan Neave

Rascals is a family run business, not a franchise! Its Owner Directors Dan & Diane Neave are both passionate about the school, thriving on delivering new ideas and working tirelessly to ensure that their unique friendly, positive atmosphere is maintained at every branch.

Diane started her career as a professional dancer in shows and musical productions around Europe and America. She then began studying dance at the prestigious ‘Laban Centre of Movement and Dance’ in London and met Dan in 1994 when he was working as a solicitors clerk. On graduating with a BA(Hons) degree in Dance theatre, Diane began dancing with small Contemporary dance companies at venues such as ‘The Place’ and ‘Sadlers Wells’ and teaching at numerous different part time stage schools.

It was whilst teaching that Diane noticed the tendency for many schools to focus on the most talented children with the ‘favourites’ always gaining the best parts and for schools to charge astronomical fees making it impossible for parents without a large pot of excess money to be able to afford for their children to attend such a school. It was this experience that fuelled Diane and Dan’s vision of creating an affordable theatre school where ALL children would be welcomed, regardless of ability or background, and that all children would be treated the same and given the same opportunities. In September 1997 Rascals Theatre School was born!

The aim at Rascals has always been to give children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds the chance to perform and Diane and Dan have taken numerous groups of students to perform at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Sadlers Wells, Her Majesty’s & Disneyland Paris as well as creating and directing their own annual productions.

Since opening their first school in 1997 they have gradually expanded, developing their unique after school format, training up exceptional new teachers & admin staff in their teaching methods & class formats and opening new branches. Through hard work, commitment and an energy that would leave most on the heap, Diane and Dan have built a successful school format, where FUN is the first requirement!